Accredited Epoxy Applicators P/L  - making your workplace safer and cleaner, providing complete industrial flooring solutions for the following industries:

Food and Drink - Hygienic, anti-slip and steam cleanable floor surfaces
Aerospace - Floors resistant to Skydrol, other hydraulic fluids and fuels
Pharmaceutical - Laboratories, Clean rooms
Industrial - Repetitive forklift and pallet truck use
Electronics - Anti-static
Printing - Resistant to printing inks and oils
Automotive - Workshops, Factories
Commercial - Decorative, Resin Bonded Stone
Offshore Installations - Decking, Kitchens, Bathrooms



Our services include:

Installation of anti-slip surfaces .

Installation of heavy duty seamless epoxy resin floor screeds.

Installation of a range of high performance floor coatings.

Floor repairs (including repairs to damaged concrete substrates, steps and other access areas).

Installation of a range of non-taint flooring systems for use in proximity with foodstuffs.

Installation of anti-static flooring systems.

Qualified floor preparation, including diamond grinding, scabbling/planing or captive shot-blasting to minimise dust creation.

Installation of dustproofing floor sealers.

Removal of existing coatings, where required.

Coved skirtings and coving repairs. Expansion joints installed and repaired.

Typical locations we service:

Garage floors
Kitchen floors

Food Marts
Shopping Centres
Workshop Floors
Food Processing Areas
Restaurant surfaces
Pharmaceutical areas
Showroom Floors
School floor surfaces
Showroom floors
Car Park Surfaces
Car Dealerships and Truck Service Bays
Auto Racing and Performance Centers

Manufacturing and Production areas
All Internal Ship Deck and Floor Coverings
Bridge Decking
Warehouse and Factory Floors
Industrial Surfaces
Aerospace and Hangar Floors
Distribution Floors and Aisles

Typical service outcomes:

Occupational Health and Safety including Family Safety
Anti-Slip Toppings
Waterproofing Epoxy Flooring Systems
Self-level Epoxy Coating
Roll on Epoxy
Twin Pack Polyurethane Coating / UV Stable
Chemical / Acid Resistant Coating
Non-slip Antistatic / Conductive Coating
Acrylic & Chlorinated Rubber Concrete Sealers
Seamless Vinyl Chip Systems
Curing Agents and Floor Sealers
Concrete and Joint Repairs
Concrete Removal and Replacement (New and Old)
Captive Shotblasting, Insitu Sandblasting
Dry Diamond Grinding (Dust Free)
Scabbling and Scarifying
High Pressure Cleaning
Creative / Decorative Coatings
Exposed Concrete Aggregate Finishes
General Cleaning
Line Marking
Mechanical Scrubbing / Sweeping / Sealing
Acid Etching
Saw Cutting and Caulking of construction joints and seams.


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